Heritage Center

The Hampton Heritage Interpretive Center on the Mississippi is located along Route 84, 5 miles south of Interstate 80 adjacent to East Moline's Empire Park. The center hosts interpretive displays designed to inform and educate visitors about the ecosystem of the Mississippi River and how the river played a role in the founding and heritage of Hampton. Our ultimate goal is for each visitor to understand and appreciate the importance of the Mississippi River corridor and to become a lifelong partner and steward in the preservation of this most important natural and cultural resource. The Heritage Center is open to the public Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's from 10am - 2pm. Please call the center with any questions at 309-755-8398.

The Heritage Center is also available for receptions, banquets, seminars, workshops, craft shows, trade shows, organized exercise classes, and parties. This unique location at the edge of the Mississippi River allows for its spectacular views complimented by the beautifully landscaped patio area surrounding the building. For information on rental of the Heritage Center, call Sherry Hooker at 309-755-8398 or 309-737-2832 or email hchampton@hamptonil.org   Send E-Mail to Sherry at <b><i>the Heritage Center.

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