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The village currently employs approximately ___ full and part-time employees. The members of the boards, commissions and committees of the Village of Hampton are as follows:


Richard Vershaw

Steffanie Adams
Chris Bornhoeft
Elise Goodman
Kevin Hamilton
Matt King
Michaela VanDieren

Village Clerk: Michelle Reyes

Treasurer: Benjamin Barber

Police Chief: Ryan Tone

Fire-Rescue Chief: David Johnson

Public Works: Scott McKay

Village Attorney: John Holmes from Mason and Scott PC

Heritage Center: Sherry Hooker

Standing Committees:

Administration, Insurance and Code Enforcement
Mickey VanDieren - Chairperson
Steffanie Adams
Kevin Hamilton

Finance & Grant Administration
Steffanie Adams - Chairperson
Chris Bornhoeft
Kevin Hamilton

Parks & Recreation and Heritage Center
Elise Goodman - Chairperson
Steffanie Adams
Mickey VanDieren

Public Safety
Kevin Hamilton - Chairperson
Matt King
Elise Goodman

Public Works (Water & Sewer)
Matt King - Chairperson
Michaela VanDieren
Chris Bornhoeft

Streets, Alleys & Drainage
Chris Bornhoeft - Chairperson
Matt King
Elise Goodman

Zoning Board of Appeals

Michelle Reyes
John Clemann
Rob DeFrance
Chris Larrison
Dennis Gottwalt
Andrea Tallman
Tony Columbia
Wesley Nutt
Tom Lupinski

FOIA Officer:

The Freedom of Information Officer for the Village is:

Michelle Reyes
FOIA Officer
Village of Hampton, IL
Village Hall
520 First Avenue
Hampton, IL 61256

Hampton Fire and Rescue

The Village of Hampton operates with a trained staff of 20 volunteer firefighters and one in the reserves. Seventeen of the Firefighters are also trained "First Responders". The First Responders report to the scene of auto or home accidents as well fires. Being first on the scene, they are trained to assist police and emergency personnel with life sustaining, basic aid until transportation to a medical facility has arrived.

The training for firefighters and first responders continues throughout the year each Monday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Firehouse on 6th Street and 3rd Avenue. Volunteers are continually training on any new fire or first responder techniques and most recently, Home Security Directives that need to be implemented.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, contact the Fire Department at 755-6182.

Parks and Recreation

The Village has numerous park and recreation areas. One of our small neighborhood parks is located on the corner of 6th Street and 3rd Avenue. It has a shelter, picnic table, basketball court and swings.

Our other neighborhood park is located at 6th Street and 11th Avenue. It has a basketball court, some benches and swings. Our 34 acre park along the river includes part of the Great River Trail. Our bike and recreation path connects to East Moline and Moline and it connects north all the way to Savanna. There is a pavilion available that can be reserved for a fee of $25.00 that includes the use of electricity.

For reservations and availability, contact the Village Hall at (309) 755-7165, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Hampton contracts with the City of Silvis for building permit and inspection services through an intergovernmental agreement.

Questions about building codes and permits can be directed to Tom Lupinski with the City of Silvis.

You can contact Tom at his office at (309) 792-4808 or email him at

Click here to visit the City of Silvis Website (Inspections Department)


One of the most recognizable landmarks in this area is the Hampton School. The first classes in the area were started in 1833 before the town of Hampton was platted (1838). In those days, the log cabin school only taught "the basics" as formal education was not needed to secure a job.

In 1844, a modern brick school was built beside the log schoolhouse which was closer to the river. In 1857, a two story schoolhouse was built but on October 29, 1879, while school was in session, a fire broke out that destroyed the building. The children and teachers escaped but that created a need for a place to meet. Classes moved into the old Catholic Church and a small house nearby until 1880 when the present school was finished.

You might wonder why they didn't go back to using the one-story brick school. It had been sold to what was called the German Lutheran Church by then. Later, they built their own church "up the hill" (now the Zion Lutheran Church) and sold the old building and lot to the Town of Hampton in 1864 for $200. When you see the children on the playground today, they are on the site of the first brick schoolhouse and Village Hall.

After the end of WWII, the population increased so much that Mrs. Mary England's first grade class was held in the current Village Hall until space could be made for all the children. In November, 1950, a bond passed for $52,000 for the urgently needed 3 classrooms and indoor washrooms. On Sunday, April 7th, 1951, an open house was held in the new addition. At that time, parents had a more hands-on involvement with the school. To speed the opening, parents painted walls, cleaned and even laid the tiles on the floors.

February 4, 1968, open house was held for a second addition. The upper grade students acted as proud tour guides. Today, the changes are internal. In the 1800's, children only needed to know how to do a little arithmetic and read to work themselves into a good job. Now, computer training is an absolute necessity, so the school has adapted to teach these skills. Many generations have altered the original two-story red brick building with more classroom, adding electricity and indoor plumbing but the purpose of the school has remained the same. Preparing our children to get the most out of life.

Most recently, our school has been presented with the "Bright Star ®" award for excellence. School Search, a Kansas City based firm working with major companies that provide information to relocating employees, analyzes data from testing, funding and community participation and advises which schools "do the best job" for the students. Recipients of the Bright Star ® award are given special consideration for additional funding as they are judged as good stewards. Hampton School students rank in the upper one third of Illinois school districts in academic performance.

The Bright Star ® award is just another indication of the quality of life experienced in the northern Quad Cities area. The smaller river communities share a common pioneer history and spirit that can only be found here. Recent growth in housing and family oriented independent businesses are retaining the small-town-America lifestyle.

Hampton Elementary School
206 5th St
Hampton, IL 61256
(309) 755-0693


Utilities Cable Television and Internet - Mediacom Hughes Net

Gas and Electricity - Mid American Energy

Phone System - GTE, Frontier and AT&T

Click here to visit the AT&T Web Site for information about phone and internet service.

Water & Sewer - Village of Hampton

Home Security - Heartland Fire & Security also ADT Home Security

Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Service:

Residential Waste Limits:

Appliances / White Goods:

Electronic or E Goods:

If you have any questions, please call the Village Hall at (309) 755-7165.

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